Performance Review: February 2020

Global market performance started strong in February but dropped dramatically during the final week of the month due to the hike of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases outside China, particularly in Australia, Italy, Iran and South Korea.

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Performance Review: January 2020

Fear of the coronavirus epidemic dampened market sentiments in January. Investors were disposing riskier assets such as equities and stocks but aggressively loading up the defensive assets such as bonds and fixed income.

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How have past virus outbreaks impacted MYTHEO's portfolios' performance?

There probably wasn’t any bigger news that made the world headlines in January 2020 apart from the coronavirus outbreak in China. Any virus outbreak undoubtedly is a great cause for concern.

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2019 Year End Performance Review

All MYTHEO functional portfolios delivered substantial gains in 2019. Growth portfolio led by a gain of 20.24%, Income Portfolio added 9.64% and Inflation Hedge portfolio advanced by 18.01%.

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Performance Review: December 2019

The currency movement had a significant impact on the functional portfolios’ performance in December 2019. Weaker USD led to a better performance of the Non-US assets and commodity-related asset classes.

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Performance Review: November 2019

It’s that time again for MYTHEO’s monthly insights. The returns since inception were positive across all functional portfolios despite ups and downs in the month-to-month performances. Let’s see how each portfolio has performed.

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Performance Review: October 2019

All MYTHEO functional portfolios delivered a solid return since its inception in June 2019. In the first five months, from June 2019 to October 2019, the Growth portfolio showed a positive return of 6.7%, Income portfolio rose by 3.9% and Inflation Hedge portfolio gained by 5.9%.

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What’s a Smarter Way to Invest?

MYTHEO has a Regular Savings Plan service so that customers can automatically invest a regular amount each month. This is a great way to get started with investing and, at MYTHEO, you can set up monthly regular savings with as low as RM100 per month.

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Performance Review: A Month Of Reversal

Investors' emotions were tested again in September 2019. Let’s review how our functional portfolios performed during that month.

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What does the MYTHEO Omakase approach include?

MYTHEO is an “automated asset management service”, but many people have asked to know more about how MYTHEO actually performs the Omakase (‘I’ll leave it up to you’) approach.

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