[July 2022] MYTHEO’s Omakase and Global ESG Portfolios Performance Report

In this monthly report, we will review MYTHEO’s portfolio performances based on the financial market developments in July 2022.

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[June 2022] MYTHEO’s Omakase and Global ESG Portfolios Performance Report

In this monthly report, we will review MYTHEO’s portfolio performances based on the financial market developments in June 2022.

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[May 2022] MYTHEO’s Omakase and Global ESG Portfolios Performance Report

In this monthly report, we will review MYTHEO’s portfolio performances based on the financial market developments in May 2022.

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Affin Bank Partners  With GAX MD To Offer Robo-Advisory Services

The Collaboration, which is the First of its Kind, Aims to Make Investing Simpler and More Accessible.

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[April 2022] MYTHEO’s Omakase and Global ESG Portfolios Performance Report

In this monthly report, we will review MYTHEO’s portfolio performances based on the financial market developments in April 2022.

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[March 2022] MYTHEO’s Omakase and Global ESG Portfolios Performance Report

In this monthly report, we will review MYTHEO’s portfolio performances based on the financial market developments in March 2022.

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Losing Control Over Asset Prices Going Up and Down?

Uncertainty clouds the world’s economy as Russia's invasion of Ukraine shows no signs of slowing down.

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Market fluctuations and the effects of rebalancing: How investors should react to the situation in Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has shaken financial markets. For the time being, it seems better to be prepared for asset price volatility to increase.

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Performance Review: February 2022

Equities markets fell in February, down by 3.16% globally, as investors digesting the implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Performance Review: January 2022

EQUITY markets kicked off 2022 on a sloppy start as concerns over inflation, the tightening of monetary policies and tensions in the Eastern Europe weighed on sentiments in January.

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Performance Review: December 2021

THE inflationary fears and mutated Covid-19 variants that dominated the month of December did little to prevent the markets from rallying to a high to end the year 2021

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2021, The Year That Wasn't. What Can We Expect in 2022?

THE economic turmoil triggered by a health crisis in 2020 was expected to be left behind us as we approached 2021 with much optimism of a recovery...

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Performance Review: November 2021

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 and fears over rising inflation spooked investors in November, which led to a massive sell-off in equities...

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Aiming for a new smartphone? Here’s what it actually costs you

THE keynote address that you have just watched has gotten you all hyped up about the upcoming flagship smartphones by your favourite manufacturers.

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What Inflation is all About and How it Affects You

INFLATION has been grabbing headlines in recent months. It is the three syllables that most common men on the street know about but at the same time, truly understanding it is pretty complex.

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MYTHEO’s Weekly Wrap (Nov 12, 2021)

> Consumer prices in the United States (US) rose to its highest in 30 years for the month of October 2021. The consumer price index (CPI) recorded a rate of 6.2%, compared to the same period last year.

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Performance Review: October 2021

After cooling off in September, stocks surged to new highs in October as the Standard and Poor’s 500 (S&P 500) recorded its best month of the year.

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MYTHEO’s ESG investment approach

MYTHEO’s entry into the environment, social and governance (ESG)space is rather timely as countries begin to rebuild their economies followingthe aftermath of Covid-19.

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MYTHEO takes the lead with ESG investing

PETALING JAYA, 19th October 2021 – MYTHEO, one of the leading digital investment management platforms in Malaysia, has become the first in the country to launch a fully AI-based ESG-themed portfolio, known as the MYTHEO Global ESG.

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What is ESG investing?

THE term ESG has been gaining prominence in recent years, especially among the younger generations.

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Performance Review: September 2021

Broad equity indices in the United States were down across the board in September, stemming from the Chinese real estate contagion threat, despite the many positive headlines on the improving Covid-19 situation.

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China’s great crackdown and why we’re still invested

Back in June when China President Xi Jinping dropped a hint during a school visit, that tutors should not be doing things in place of teachers, nobody saw what was coming.

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How grand of a problem is Evergrande?

ONE of the many adages in the world of finance is that when China sneezes, the whole world catches a cold.

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Performance Review: August 2021

Major indices posted solid gains in August on the back of the reopening of the economy that has fueled a faster-than-expected recovery in corporate fundamentals and earnings.

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Performance Review: July 2021

The global equity market continued to trend higher in July 2021 despite a series of regulatory shocks that hit Chinese stocks inside and outside of China.

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Performance Review: June 2021

U.S. market hit an all-time high in June 2021, supported by the rally of large technology stocks. The S&P 500 climbed by 2.20%. Meanwhile, Nasdaq Index, a proxy to large-capitalization technology stocks in the U.S jumped by 6.34%.

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Portfolio Re-Creation: A Yearly Automated Process with MYTHEO

What distinguishes a robo-advisor from other investment schemes is the automated operations running behind the scenes, utilizing algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Performance Review: May 2021

The Global equity market settled higher once again despite facing a significant bump in May.

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Performance Review: April 2021

US markets continued to ascend higher for the second consecutive month. In April 2021, the key US benchmarks, the S&P 500 Index and Nasdaq 100 Index, were up by 5.24% and 5.88%, respectively, which were the most significant monthly gains since November 2021.

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Lessons From The Archegos Capital Management Blowout

Sometime in March 2021, a little-known family-run hedge fund became so infamous and grabbed global headlines.

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Can MYTHEO Prevail Against The Threat Of Rising Treasury Yields?

In the recent weeks, the market has been a bit more challenging for investors. The financial market has turned more fragile and volatile than usual.

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Where Will Your Money Go?

In most cases, individuals tend to start their investment journey in their 30s or 40s. Why?

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Performance Review: March 2021

March 2021 wrapped up with negative news all through out the month.

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Performance Review: February 2021

The market performance in February 2021 was almost exactly the same as that of in January. The equities started well into the month and rallied higher, only to be halted by a panic sell-off right at the month end due to triggers by the persistent rise in US Treasury yields.

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Performance Review: January 2021

A clash between hedge fund managers and retail investors in the GameStop trading frenzy gained so much attention in January 2021 and the market had a roller coaster ride in the final week of the month. Moreover, Asian equities continued to outperform United States (US) equities.

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Performance Review: December 2020

Although the market has been rising strongly since April 2020, the equity market still produced decent gains in December 2020. There was also plenty of good news, such as the implementation of the vaccination program and the finalization of the Brexit deal, that supported the market rally during the month.

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Time in the Market vs Timing the Market

There were comments relating to investments on the news and social media as a result of the US Presidential Elections.

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Performance Review: November 2020

After two months of consecutive losses, global equity markets recovered spectacularly. Adding to the bullish sentiment was a series of positive news on the development of COVID-19 vaccines.

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Performance Review: October 2020

Global equities declined for the second consecutive month in October. Rising new COVID-19 cases in the US and Europe was the primary reason for a selldown. Also, investors avoided risky assets on the backdrop of political uncertainty ahead of the US presidential election and the failed negotiation over Brexit.

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ETFs 101

In light of the questions that we have received about ETFs, we aim to cover the basics and provide investors with an overview on ETFs in this article.

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Does the US Presidential Election Affect Your Investment?

The United States of America, or the US, is the world’s largest economy and the most influential country in the world. Therefore, the US Presidential election is the most-watched event globally.

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Performance Review: September 2020

September turned out to be a weak one. The equity market dropped for the first time after five straight months of positive returns. A slew of negative headlines hit across all markets, specifically at the beginning of September.

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